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A consistent flow of new customers is essential to the financial health of any type of business, big or small.  But unfortunately, customers don't just magically visit websites, book an appointment or walk through the office door.  They are the end result of the lead generation process, something that most people and companies struggle to master.



Sadly, in the quest to acquire customers, many businesses have wasted tens of thousands of dollars on traditional advertising methods such as Flyers, Mailers, Newspaper Ads, Radio, TV, Yellow Pages, even Billboards.

Others have been seduced by the promises of online riches, handing over their hard-earned cash to Content Creation companies, SEO firms, Google Adwords experts, Video marketers, and Social Media managers.

But with no real strategy, is it really any wonder that the outcome is often less than ideal?

what we do

We utilize a multi-channel approach that leverages search, social and big data algorithms, to target high-quality leads and deliver them to you as soon as they come in — all on autopilot.

Our proven, Done-For-You client acquisition system uses the latest technologies and platforms to provide a steady stream of highly qualified people who are interested in learning more about your company.



Most agencies charge an ongoing fee to run advertising campaigns on behalf of their clients, usually requiring a six to twelve month contract.  While some do a good job, some do not.  In either case, they always get paid, regardless of the results they produce.

We are a Pay-For-Performance digital marketing agency that specializes in lead generation, not advertising services.  Our aim is to ensure that we provide a positive ROI when you partner with us.  

Unlike other agencies, we have NO complicated retainers, monthly management fees or long-term commitments.  

If we don't deliver, then you don't pay.  Simple as that. 


Marketing in today's competitive, fast-paced world can be difficult, as hit-and-miss approaches usually produce mixed results.  

At Zen 12 Digital, we focus on generating targeted, qualified leads that can convert into paying customers, clients or patients.  

Our pay-per-lead model is the same one used by large corporations to find and acquire millions of targeted prospects for mortgages, financial services, and insurance products. 

So take a deep breath and relax.  We got this.


about us

Dave Russ

Partner | San Jose, CA

Scott Scales

Partner | Atlanta, GA

Dave and Scott bring 20+ years each of direct and online marketing experience to the table.  Dave's skills include web design, copywriting and funnel optimization.  Scott has a strong technical background and his specialties include LinkedIn, Facebook audits, bots and marketing automation.  

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