Are Your B2B Lead-Gen Efforts
Still Stuck In The Dark Ages?


A consistent flow of new customers is essential to the financial health of any type of business, big or small.  But unfortunately, customers don’t just magically visit your website, book an appointment, schedule a demo, issue a purchase order, or walk through the office door with checkbook in hand.

No.  These actions result from the B2B lead generation process, something that most businesses struggle to master.  This is especially true when it comes to complex sales, which typically have a longer sales cycle, involve multiple stakeholders, require budget allocation, and ultimately have a much higher risk of failure.

That’s why it is absolutely critical to understand where your prospects are in their buyer’s journey and what specific issues they are trying to solve.  Failure to do so results in a waste of precious time and resources spent on the wrong prospects at the wrong time.

B2B Lead Struggle
Advertising Blindfolded


Sadly, in the quest to acquire customers, many companies continue to spend large sums of money on outmoded advertising and marketing strategies, not realizing that the playing field has dramatically and permanently changed.

If you’re chasing after prospects using cold calling, mass e-mails, social media, SEO, content creation and paid traffic, then you are at a significant disadvantage, whether you realize it or not.  

Why?  Because at the end of the day, you’re still flying blind, throwing darts in the dark or tossing spaghetti against the wall.  These analogies all mean the exact same thing – the time-tested practice of “spray and pray” marketing.


Do you know what Amazon, Facebook and Google, three of the largest companies in the world, all have in common?  They own an Identity Graph, which allows them to do Identity Resolution.   

What is Identity Resolution (IDR)?  It’s an integral part of this new landscape that will change B2B selling FOREVER.  

Identity Resolution means no more “shooting in the dark”, trying to drum up business from crappy B2B lists, bogus form fills or anonymous website traffic.  It means that you can market to individuals on a person-to-person level, knowing with absolute certainty WHO is searching for your product or service, WHERE they are along the buyer's journey and the reason WHY they are looking.  

Powerful insights, wouldn’t you agree?

New Dawn


Now maybe you think the impact Identity Resolution will have on B2B customer acquisition is being overstated.  If so, you would be dead wrong.  IDR is NOT marketing hype or a cool new trend that will fizzle out in a few months.  Far from it, Identity Resolution is revolutionary and here to stay.

Amazon, Facebook and Google got to where they are today BECAUSE they each owned an Identity Graph.  Let that sink in for a moment.  Using artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML), these three companies enjoyed a tremendous advantage, which allowed them to leapfrog over the competition. 

It’s an advantage that YOU need as well.  Because if you don’t, your competitors who embrace this new paradigm are going to squash you like a bug.  Is that a bit harsh?  Perhaps, but let me ask you a simple question.  If your ad spend produces a 2-3 X ROI, and your competitor gets 6-9 X, who wins?  The answer should be obvious.  THEY DO!  Is that fair?  Not at all, but neither is business.


Hopefully, you got the not-so-subtle message of the importance of utilizing an Identity Graph BEFORE your competition jumps on board.  Here’s a short video that explains how it works.

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Identity Resolution


Here's precisely why you MUST be adopting Identity Resolution:

  • Identify who is searching for your product or service.
  • Identify who is in your sales funnel and visits your website.
  • Know their contact details, so that you can market to them.
  • Know the reasons why they are looking.
  • Eliminate bots and fake form submissions.
  • You own this data, not Facebook or Google.
  • You know what keywords are being searched.
  • You know what content is being consumed.
  • You know where prospects are in the buyer's journey.
  • You can reach them before the competition.
  • You can build relevant trust by consultative selling.
  • Less time wasted on unqualified leads.
  • Reduced ad spend.  Lower CPA by to up 75%.

Or, you can just keep doing what you've been doing.  Your call.


Recently, we decided it was imperative for us to quickly transition from a Digital Marketing Agency into a Business Development Firm.  Why?  For the very same reasons you must make a course correction.  It's a whole new ball game out there, and adapt or perish are the only two options.

Currently, there are a handful of companies that have an Identity Graph available for public consumption.  The ones that do are huge players like LiveRamp (NYSE: RAMP), who mostly cater to multi-billion dollar corporate entities.  

Through a stroke of extremely good fortune, we were invited to a private three-day meeting with the owners of a small company out of North Carolina.  What they shared with us was truly eye-opening.  This innovative, under-the-radar group has developed one of the most advanced Identity Graphs in the entire world, with feature sets that no one else has. 

After eight years of development, millions of dollars invested, and newly-minted contracts from a couple of Fortune 100 companies, they are finally ready to roll out their Identity Resolution technology into the mainstream marketplace.

We are pleased to say that we were selected as one of a handful of designated Business Development Reps.  While the developers focus their efforts on custom IDR solutions for the Fortune 500, we have been authorized to offer Identity Resolution to companies with as little as $1M in annual revenue.

This means if you act today, you have an unprecedented opportunity to get a major leg up on your competitors.


Scott Scales

Partner | Atlanta, GA

Dave Russ

Partner | San Jose, CA


Scott and Dave bring 25+ years each of direct and online marketing experience to the table. 

We’ve seen a whole lot, starting with the birth of internet marketing back in the early 90's.  From the initial shakeout among search engines to e-mail marketing, SEO, PPC, blogging, podcasts, streaming video, social media, and much more over the past two and a half decades. 

As seasoned veterans in this arena, we can honestly say that the advent of person-to-person marketing, made possible through Identity Resolution, is the wave of the future.  Companies who do not recognize and make this shift immediately will get crushed by those that do. 

We invite you to explore how Identity Resolution can benefit B2B lead generation, reduce churn and enhance your lifetime customer value.


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