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digital marketing services

Online marketing that produces results combines expertise and consistent effort.  Most companies simply don't have the time or necessary skills and are too busy trying to run their business.  That's why we provide a done-for-you approach.  Leverage our 20+ years of experience and let us help you to get a measurable return on your marketing spend. 

facebook audits

Facebook advertising is no easy task.  Hit and miss results can get expensive.  Here at Zen 12 Digital we're all about the metrics, using a proprietary software that extracts data from the complicated Facebook dashboard and displays it in an easy-to-digest fashion.  If you'd like a free audit, it's yours for the asking. 


When done properly, Facebook advertising can be a tremendous value proposition.  Zen 12 Digital creates campaigns that build engagement with your brand, drive traffic and generate consistent revenue for your business.


Automated engagement using Facebook Messenger and Chat Bots is the wave of the future.  We are develop conversational messaging sequences that draw in visitors and produce results.  Virtually every business, large or small, local or international, should consider adding them to their sales process.

our other services

Web Design

Your web presence says a lot about your business.  Outdated, poorly written, hard to navigate sites just don't cut it anymore.  In today's world, a site needs to clearly communicate your value, load quickly and work flawlessly on mobile devices.

Funnel Creation & Optimization

Nothing sabotages a paid traffic campaign faster than a poorly constructed sales funnel and even the best ads can't overcome back-end deficiencies.  Is your funnel a well-oiled machine or is it in need of some expert tuning?

E-Mail Campaigns

Forget what you've heard. E-mail marketing is not dead, nor has it been replaced by messaging or social media.  Well-crafted, e-mails, dripped to the right audience can produce excellent results. This is true for both B2B and B2C.

Google Adwords

Facebook may the cool new kid on the block, but Google is still the undisputed king of search.   Understanding the difference between the two is critical if you want to allocate your ad budget wisely and maximize your marketing results.​

Video Marketing

Video is a great medium for telling your story, enhancing your brand, showcasing products and connecting with your audience.  The key is knowing what type of video, how to craft the right message and where to place it for maximizing results.

Marketing Automation

Throwing your customers into a single bucket doesn't work anymore. Individuals have unique needs and one size no longer fits all.   Marketing Automation sorts it out for you automatically, but it does take some technical chops to set it up properly.


Marketing in today's competitive, fast-paced world can be difficult, as hit and miss approaches usually provide mixed results.  At Zen 12 Digital, we help customers focus on cost-effective strategies that produce tangible results.  Our aim is to ensure that we provide a positive ROI when you partner with us.  So take a deep breath and relax.  We got this.

about us

Dave Russ

Partner | San Jose, CA

Scott Scales

Partner | Atlanta, GA

Dave and Scott bring 20+ years each of direct and online marketing experience to the table.  Dave's skills include web design, copywriting and funnel optimization.  Scott has a strong technical background and his specialties include Facebook audits, bots and marketing automation.  

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