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Can You Define Identity Resolution (IDR)?

Identity Resolution is a complex topic, but here is a brief summary.

Tens of billions of bits of data, known as personal individual identifiers (PII) are collected every day from hundreds of millions of URLs, across multiple devices (desktop, laptop, tablet, cell phone, game console, IoT products, etc.).  This information is stored and correlated into a database termed an Identity Graph.

Using Artificial Intelligence (AI), Machine Learning (ML), and Predictive Analytics, Identify Resolution is the process of connecting these billions of bits of random data (identifiers), to create a deterministic (verified) customer identity in real-time.

How Does IDR Generate B2B Leads?

The are two primary avenues for generating quality B2B leads.  One is with In-Market data, and the other is using In-Funnel data.

NOTE:  We can only identify leads from the USA.

What Is An In-Market Lead?

In-Market leads are people who are searching the internet for the very products and services you sell.  Like you, they are out there looking to solve a problem they have.

We call this process the Buyer's Journey.

What Is The Buyer's Journey?

The Buyer's Journey acknowledges the simple fact that all sales begin online.  This is true for consumers who visit sites to do product research, watch videos, compare models, read reviews, price shop, etc.

It is no different for B2B prospects.  They have their own Buyer's Journey when seeking to solve a business problem.  Whether it's needing to replace the office copiers, fixing an inefficient HR system, or trying to find a custom-manufactured part.

Makes Sense But So What?

Currently, the Buyer's Journey is 100% anonymous.  This is the nature of the old B2B playing field.  You are flying blind with ZERO insight into the Buyer's Journey of your prospects.

And IDR Can Remedy That?

Yes.  Identity Resolution is the new paradigm that you must embrace.  IDR allows you to know who is in the marketplace for what you sell.   

How Is That Possible?

Simple.  We map relevant keywords to our Graph.  These are keywords specific to your industry and company.  The same keywords you would use for SEO, content creation, or for targeting in your advertising and marketing campaigns.

As these keywords are searched, we tie them back to a real person and company using Identity Resolution and then follow their online journey.

By tracking this behavior, we know what keywords your potential prospects have been searching, what URLs they visited, and what content they consumed.

In other words, we know where they are in their Buyer's Journey.

You Do?

Yes.  So think about this.  These are potential leads who may not even know your company exists at this point.  Any more than you know they exist.

Wouldn't it be advantageous to connect with them as early as possible in their Buyer's Journey, long before your competitors do?

Absolutely!  But How Do They Find My Company?

That's the beauty of our B2B Lead Generation program.

We can deliver these leads to you every week.  We can tell you their name, company and e-mail.    

You Can?

Yes.  Now, do you see why we say that Identity Resolution is transforming B2B lead generation?

It's like pulling prospects out of thin air.

What If I Want To Target Specific Companies?

We map your prospect list to the Graph and track their Buyer's journey as well.  

So What Is An In-Funnel Lead?

In-Funnel leads are those who have visited your website.  They may engage with some of your content, such as watching a video, reading an article, or downloading a white paper.

What most don't do, however, is tell you who they are by picking up the phone, e-mailing, or filling out a form.  In fact, form fills average about 3% for most B2B industries.  Even worse, is that many of those submissions contain fake information.

What's Your Point?

Well, consider this.  Companies generally spend 15% or more of their budget on SEO, advertising, and marketing, mostly to drive people to their website.

That's often tens of thousands of dollars a month spent on anonymous visitors, yet how much insight is gleaned, and how many people step forward to raise their hand?

The answer is very few, which means that a high percentage of your expensive site traffic is wasted.

What About Retargeting?

You mean retargeting anonymous visitors based on bots, expiring browser cookies, and IP addresses?  Do you believe it's nearly as effective as marketing to real people?  If that were the case, then how are we able to decrease CPC costs using audiences built from verified visitors?

By the way, who owns the data that Facebook and Google collect off of your site?

They do.  You can't use this data anywhere else because Facebook and Google tightly control it.  They determine what kind of ads you can run, how much you pay, and if you break the rules (knowingly or not), they can bounce you from their platform without any notice at any time.

Just The Way It Is, Right?

Not anymore.  We've completely changed the game for In-Funnel traffic with our Insite Advantage smart pixel.  Insite Advantage monetizes your SEO and marketing efforts, putting you in charge of the information collected on your website.

How So?

Using our Insite Advantage tracking script, we can resolve many of the identities of these previously anonymous visitors.

No form fills required.

Not only that, but Insite Advantage puts you in complete control of your first-party data.  It's permanent and portable, no longer bound by powerful suppliers like Facebook and Google.  You can take it to any ad platform or use it on any channel you want.

Why Is This Important?

Website visitors are the single best use of your advertising and marketing dollars. They have the greatest probability of becoming a customer and represent the quickest path to sales and profits.

Like for In-Market leads, we can provide you with their contact information, so that you can reach out to them.

If you know who these visitors are as a real person, and your competitor doesn't, who is likely to win the sale?

“Without big data analytics, companies are blind and deaf, wandering out onto the web like deer on a freeway.”  –  Geoffrey Moore | Author, “Crossing the Chasm”

Is Identity Resolution Really Revolutionary?

Yes.  Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning, the underpinnings of Identity Resolution, will have a wide-ranging impact.

“Artificial Intelligence, deep learning, machine learning — whatever you're doing if you don't understand it — learn [the basics] it.  Because otherwise, you're going to be a dinosaur within three years.”  –  Mark Cuban

Then How Come I've Never Heard Of IDR Before?

Because Identity Resolution is relatively new, and there are very few companies that have the expertise and financial capability to build out their own Identity Graph.  Due to the complexity and cost, Identity Resolution has mostly been the domain of very large enterprises.

Must Be Expensive?

If you contact any of the big IDR players, you may want to be sitting down.   However, our provider has decided to broaden the scope of the marketplace by making it accessible to a wide range of companies.

So IDR Is Cost-Effective?

Absolutely.  We strive to make it an amazing value proposition.  Our aim is it ensure that Identity Resolution provides an exceptional ROI, especially when compared to traditional “spray and pray” marketing strategies.

What Is “Spray & Pray”?

The phrases “spray and pray”, “spaghetti marketing”, and “dialing for dollars” essentially mean the same thing – broadly reaching out to a large pool of unknown prospects in the hopes of drawing interest and luring them into your sales funnel.

An outmoded practice that most companies continue to do deploy.

But if all you are doing is blindly shooting in the dark with zero visibility to cold audiences, how do you begin to compete against someone who has the deep insights offered by Identity Resolution?

HINT:  You can't.

Fair Enough. Anything Else?

Yes.  Here are three simple questions you may want to ask yourself.

  1. What are you currently doing to generate leads?
  2. What results are you getting?
  3. What is the cost of obtaining those results?

You Mean Advertising Costs?

Not just advertising, but the cost of all sales and marketing activities related to customer acquisition, including:

  • BDR/SDR Salaries
  • PPC
  • SEO
  • SMM
  • Content Creation
  • Video Marketing
  • Print Advertising
  • Networking Events
  • Trade Shows
  • B2B Lead Lists
  • Outbound Telemarketing
  • Associations & Memberships

If you were to embrace Identity Resolution, which of these could be reduced, or even eliminated?

Is IDR That Much Of A Differentiator?

Without a shred of doubt.  

Do you know who owns an Identity Graph?  The answer is Amazon, Facebook and Google, three of the largest companies in the world.  It's what enabled them to rise to the top.  Here's the bottom line.

Companies using Identity Resolution will enjoy a tremendous advantage over their competitors.  They will be the first to know who are the best prospects for the products and services they sell.  They will interact with them earlier in the sales process, educate them, nurture them, and close more deals.

Or as Forrester Research stated, “By 2020, Companies Who Effectively Master AI will Steal $1.2 Trillion Per Year From Those Who Don't.”

Is My Company A Good Candidate For IDR?

Generally, companies should have annual revenue of at least $1M, preferably $2.5M or more.  Well-funded startups, such as SAAS companies, may also find IDR fits within their customer acquisition budget.

I'm Very Interested.  What Is The Next Step?

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